Chris came to me with 15 weeks until his first physique show. He was already very lean which gave us the opportunity to add some lean mass before we had to diet down for the show. He stuck to the plan and managed to win not only his physique class, but also took the overall!


Darren wanted to take his training and nutrition to the next level. He followed my 16 week body recomposition program and managed to drop an impressive 35 lbs! We have switched gears and are now following my lean mass program as he has plans to compete for the first time this upcoming October!


Jasmine came to me wanting to change her lifestyle and become more active! We tailored the program to fit her busy schedule and she managed to make huge progress in just 8 short weeks!


Justin followed my 12 week lean mass program. We managed to keep him very lean even though he put on an impressive 20 lbs! Huge differences from the start to end!


Klayton followed my 12 week lean mass program. We managed to put on an impressive 20 lbs while still staying very lean! Awesome!


Tyler came to me for the last 2 weeks of his prep for a show where we dialed him in! Dry, grainy and conditioned for his show!